Noelle's Dogs Four Hope

Noelle's Dogs Four Hope

Your Four Legged Miracle Begins Here!

Our Program

How does our Program Work?

Once you fill out our application, someone from our staff will contact you.  They will answer any questions that you have and help you through the process.  We understand that getting a service animal is a big commitment and that there are many questions.  We hope this helps answer some questions but may not answer all your questions.  

Our program starts by receiving your application.  Once we receive your application one of our staff members will contact you and go over what your specific needs are.  We use select breeders for our service animals.  Once you have joined Noelle's Dogs Four Hope you will be added to our Family Community Facebook Page.  Once we have obtained your service animal we will create a private Facebook page for you and your family to interact with our staff and trainers throughout the program.  Your Service Animal will go through a year of Basic Training.  After your Service Dog passes Basic Training, then Finishing Training will begin.  This is the process where your service animal learns to do the tasks for you.  Each Service Animal is trained specially for each client.  We encourage you to follow along with the Training.  This four paw miracle is trained for you.


At Noelle's Dogs Four Hope most people will Fundraise to help with the cost of service animals.  We have several people who specialize in fundraising who can help you get things started.  Fundraising can seem overwhelming but the results from fundraising and seeing your community pull together to support your child can be very rewarding.  If you have any questions on fundraising please don't hesitate to ask when a staff member calls you in reference to your application.