Noelle's Dogs Four Hope

Noelle's Dogs Four Hope

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Allergen Search and Scent

Allergen Search and Scent Dogs

Dogs have the ability to smell many times better than humans.  If an item has a smell, a proficiently trained dog can find it.  With this ability, dogs have been utilized in many different positions throughout the world to find and alert to drugs, bombs, plants, other animals, humans, etc.  Law enforcement and military have utilized these wonderful animals for many years to assist them with their work. 

Food allergies that are severe and result in anaphylaxis are life threatening.  The only proven treatment for food allergies is total avoidance of the allergen in all forms.  This is where our dogs help. 


Noelle’s Dogs Four Hope trains dogs to become service animals to assist their handlers with their food allergies.  Our dogs are trained from 8 weeks old to detect certain food allergens.  These dogs have the ability to detect even the smallest amount of residue or dust of a food allergen, alert their handler to the contamination and therefore help the handler avoid contact and a reaction.  Our dogs are trained to search on command and enter an area without being hand led.  They then alert to an item without physical contact with the contaminant.   This allows the contaminant to be properly removed from the area before the food allergy handler enters the area.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our dogs are so well trained that children as young as two years old have walked one of our trained search and scent service dogs; and that our puppies are trained, from birth, specifically for each individual.  The dogs may also be trained for, but not limited to, retrieving a phone, getting medication, pressing a 911 button, blocking an approaching allergen and removing it’s handler from a dangerous approaching allergen. 

Search and scent dogs are considered service animals and can accompany their handler with food allergies resulting in anaphylaxis into all public access buildings as defined by the ADA.